Water Rocketry is a thriving hobby, as evidenced by the hundreds of websites devoted to the water rocketry experience, ranging from rocket club sites to online stores offering rocket kits. You can find most of the links shown below if you simply enter the search term "water rocket" into a web search engine.

Since WPI does not endorse any water rocket products, we do not include links to online stores. However, the search terms "water rocket" and "water rocket kit" will plunge you into the online world of commercially available water rockets. Feel free to use or modify a commercial rocket in the competition.


Water Rockets at Wikipedia

See the altitude record of over 2000 feet, competitions and more!

Materials List

Rocket and Launcher Qty
PVC Pipe, 1/2" (cut to 5/8" Length) 1
PVC, 1/2", Straight Adapter, slip to thread 1
PVC Cement, Can 1
Pipe Joint Compound, Can 1
Tubing, 3/8" OD 1/4" ID (cut to 120" Length) 1
Tube Adapter, 1/4" ID to 1/2" PVC thread 1
Tire Valve 1
Bottles, 1/2, 1 and 2 litre (empty) 3
Dowel, 1/4", 24" length (cut to length) 1
Rubber Stopper, 9/16×3/8×1 (drill hole) 1
Rubber Stopper, 1×3/4×1 (drill hole) 1
Bottle Cap with ? hole 1
BIC pen link tube (extract) 1
Drinking straw (cut) 1
Duct Tape (to measure) 1
Tools Qty
Utility Blade 1
Plyers 1
Gloves 1
Sandpaper, Sheet #1000 Wet/Dry 1
Ziplock bag, giant 1
Paper Towels, packet 1
Accessories Qty
Safety Goggles 3
Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge (plan on repairs) 1
Rubber Band 1

Kits are available from Science Education Companies such as Arbor Scientific, specifically P4 -2000, P4 -2005, P4 -2200