Fire Protection Engineering Department Seminar Speaker

Thursday, April 6, 2023
12:00 pm
Floor/Room #
FPE Classroom
Dr Rory Hadden
School of Engineering
University of Edinburgh
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Behind the flame front: Firebrands, flame spread, and emissions



This talk will summarize recent developments and ongoing work at the University of Edinburgh with an emphasis on topics which apply to WUI and wildfire space. Specifically, the talk will cover: 1) fire spread including developments around quantifying the processes underpinning flame spread in natural fuels (litter and shrubs), at the laboratory and field scales with a focus on identifying similarities between the controlling mechanisms of flame spread in different fuel types; 2) an approach to evaluating emissions from natural and synthetic materials with an emphasis on understanding the effects of this environmental conditions on the speciation and yields of emissions; 3) the talk will conclude with an overview of ongoing projects to evaluate the generation, transport and deposition dynamics of firebrands with a chance for discussion on maximizing the utility of the project outcomes and synergies with work at WPI.



Dr Rory Hadden is a Reader at the University of Edinburgh. His research covers material flammability, flame and fire spread, fire emissions, smouldering, and compartment fires. Rory’s recent work has focused on development of new measurement techniques with an emphasis on understanding the heat and mass transfer processes involved during flame spread and burning. He has recently also been interested in the development of methods of measuring key fire parameters outside the laboratory and also the development of new laboratory approaches to better understand material flammability.