Mastering Collaboration- Your Path to Innovative Excellence

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Floor/Room #
2nd Floor- Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center


Join our Expert-in-Residence Hemant Ajbani '15, MBA, for a dynamic workshop exploring the synergy of innovation and collaboration. Take away transferrable skills into your life and career to help you stand out from others. Do you or your team need help to develop ideas, find the right partner, communicate ideas effectively, or purposefully engage with stakeholders? 

Our esteemed mentor will help you identify and hone your developmental skills by 

  • Diving into the essentials of successful innovation, from clear goals to finding the right collaborators.
  • Practicing real-world strategies through interactive activities and breakout sessions.
  • Elevating your innovation game with the power of collaboration!


Our Expert-in-Residence, Hemant Ajbani, is keen on finding hidden talent and capabilities within people and teams they are unaware of. His teaching style focuses on strategies to elevate your personal brand by working together so you feel energized, employable, and promotable. His professional expertise lies in

  • Positioning people and teams for success
  • Fast-paced New Product Development
  • Impactful project management, portfolio management
  • Engineering services, consulting 
  • Setting strategic direction to optimize growth and profits 
  • Semiconductors, cGMP Industries, capital equipment, chemicals

Don't miss this fun, exciting and hands-on workshop! 

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