PracticePoint Imaging Open House

Thursday, March 16, 2023
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Floor/Room #
3rd floor

We are excited to introduce PracticePoint to the WPI community for those that have not yet had the chance to get engaged. PracticePoint is our campus's shared R&D facility at 50 Prescott St (Gateway II) focused on supporting work with healthcare cyber-physical systems. To show off the amazing facility and the unique equipment we have there, we're inviting members of the WPI community can bring whatever they like to PracticePoint and we'll image it for them under X-Ray, MRI, or Ultrasound. Of course, a few exceptions apply:

  • No people
  • No animals
  • No metal in the MRI
  • Nothing otherwise inappropriate for campus

Other than that, anything goes! We’re happy to provide images for scientific research, engineering inspection, personal projects, art, or just plain curiosity. All images will be shared at the end of the day (unless requested otherwise) for all to enjoy. If you do have a research need to image humans or animals, we'd be happy to discuss our ability to support IRB and IACUC approved imaging.


For more information on the center, check out our website here:


You can also do a virtual tour here (though why not take advantage of this and see the real thing):