March 21, 2014

Graduate Research Achievement Day (GRAD): The Innovation Exchange is a showcase for the work of WPI graduate students who are engaged in research. On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, some 220 master's and PhD candidates filled the Odeum in the Rubin Campus Center, eager to share the results of their work in engineering, science, the life sciences and bioengineering, business, and the social sciences.

They stood beside colorful posters describing their innovative, impactful, and purposeful research and engaged in lively, animated discussions with a large and excited crowd. During the day, judges visited all of the participants, evaluating their posters and learning more about their work. They selected 66 finalists—PhD and MS candidates divided proportionately among five categories: arts and sciences; business and social science; engineering; life sciences and bioengineering; and interdisciplinary. They will compete again on April 14, 2014, as part of i3: Investing in Ideas with Impact.

The finalists are:

Business and Social Science, MS Level

  • Maura A. Ferrarini, Learning Sciences and Technology
  • Amruta Gorhe, School of Business
  • Korinn S. Ostrow, Learning Sciences and Technology
  • Siavash Mortazavi, School of Business

Business and Social Science, PhD Level

  • Raha Moussavi-Aghdam, Learning Sciences and Technology
  • Ozge Yasar, Learning Sciences and Technology
  • Raafat M. Zaini, Social Science and Policy Studies

Interdisciplinary, MS Level

  • Sarah E. Schultz, Computer Science
  • Tianhe Wang, IMGD

Interdisciplinary, PhD Level

  • Jeffrey P. Bibeau, Biology and Biotechnology
  • Erin M. Kiley, Mathematical Sciences
  • Gawain M. Thomas, Physics

Life Science and Bioengineering, MS Level

  • Kristin L. Carattini, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jennifer L. Cooper, Biomedical Engineering
  • Erin K. Flaherty, Biology and Biotechnology

Life Sciences and Bioengineering, PhD Level

  • Amanda L. Clement, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jason M. Forte, Biomedical Engineering
  • Melissa W. Mobley, Biology and Biotechnology
  • A. Zoe Reidinger, Biomedical Engineering
  • Bersain A. Reyes, Biomedical Engineering

Science, MS Level

  • Christopher J. Legacy, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Samantha A. O'Connor, Physics
  • Jeffrey Peters, Physics
  • Curtis R. Taylor, Computer Science
  • Steven R. Vandal, Physics
  • Yuan Yu, Mathematical Sciences

Science, PhD Level

  • Nicholas P. Borges, Physics
  • Adrian Boteanu, Computer Science
  • Rebecca L. Gaddis, Physics
  • Nguyenho Ho, Mathematical Sciences
  • Marco P.J. Kaltofen, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ahmedul Kabir, Computer Science
  • Chuan Lei, Computer Science
  • Xika Lin, Computer Science
  • Shaun A. Marshall, Physics
  • William C. Sanguinet, Mathematical Sciences
  • Mohammad Shayganfar, Computer Science

Engineering, MS Level

  • Luke E. Bassett, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Julie A. Bliss, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Aaron M. Birt, Materials Science and Engineering
  • David E. Kent, Robotics Engineering
  • Felipe Polido, Robotics Engineering
  • Hayley R. Sandgren, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Kyyas Seyitmuhammedov, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Yuwei Zhai, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Yi Zhu, Materials Science and Engineering

Engineering, PhD Level

  • Kemal S. Arsava, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sina Askarinejad, Mechanical Engineering
  • Xiang Chen, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Liang-Chih Ma, Chemical Engineering
  • Ivo T. Dobrev, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hajar Jafferji, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Kwabena Kan-Dapaah, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Morteza Khaleghi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Fahad A. Khan, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rabeeh Majidi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Jennifer A. McInnis, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christopher J. Nycz, Robotics Engineering
  • Viral K. Patel, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vahid Rahneshin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Weijian Shang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Anthony Spangenberger, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Lei Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Janakinadh Yanamadala, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sina Youssefian, Mechanical Engineering
  • Yao Wang, Mechanical Engineering

This is the first of two annual event that celebrate research and discovery on the WPI campus. The second is i3: Investing in Ideas with Impact, a research presentation competition that encourages graduate students to think and communicate like entrepreneurs. They make short pitches that explain their ideas and innovations could become the foundation for new products, new commercially valuable processes, or new companies.

Here is the schedule for i3, scheduled for April 14 in the Rubin Campus Center Odeum:

  • 1-3 pm: Presentation of GRAD 2014 poster finalists 

    Judges may choose to present first-, second-, and third-place awards to the both MS candidates and PhD candidates in each division based upon a number of criteria. First- and second-place awardees will receive cash prices; third-place winners will receive certificates.

  • 3-5 pm: i3 final oral presentations 

    Students are currently competing at the department level and division levels. On April 14, finalists will vie for cash prizes as they present to a panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business executives.

A reception and awards ceremony for GRAD 2014 and i3 winners will follow.