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DesignNewsHow to Build a Better Battery Cathode

DesignNews reports on Professor Yan Wang’s research which has found that recycled cathode materials outperform those made from virgin material.

Worcester Business JournalWPI professor awarded $1.4M for muscle research

The Worcester Business Journal reports on WPI Mathematical Sciences Professor Sam Walcott’s research to develop a mathematical model for muscle movement that could lead to improved medical treatments and the creation of better prosthetic devices.

Worcester MagazineWPI professor part of nationwide push for clean energy

Worcester Magazine spoke with Professor Yu Zhong about his research to produce clean, cost-effective hydrogen fuel. Zhong talks about the two-year project and how it could help address climate change.

Boston Globe (the)Kate McIntyre’s gothic stories rise from isolated ranch house settings

The Boston Globe talks to Professor Kate McIntyre about her new collection of short stories, Mad Prairie, and how her childhood in Kansas influenced her work.

New AtlasCan ocean cleanup boats power themselves by turning plastic into fuel?

New Atlas published an article about Professor Michael Timko’s research into the feasibility of converting plastic material found in the ocean into "blue diesel" that could power ships at sea.

Chronicle of Higher Education (the)The Damaging Myth of the Natural Teacher

The Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed Destin Heilman, professor of teaching, for its article. Heilman spoke about WPI’s decision to create a path to tenure and extend contracts for some teaching faculty, along with giving them a role in faculty governance.

CBS BostonCritical Mention: Space Voyage

President Leshin speaks with CBS Boston’s Paula Ebben hours after William Shatner’s historic trip to space, saying there has been new excitement around aerospace studies and WPI growing numbers in this field of study is proof.

LifewireGoogle Maps Is Here to Save You From a Wildfire

Professor Albert Simeoni, fire protection engineering, is quoted in the Lifewire article. Simeoni discusses the pros and cons of the new feature.

ISS U.S. National LaboratoryWildfires and Microgravity: NSF-Funded Research Team Will Use the ISS to Better Understand Fire Spread

ISS360 reports fire protection engineering professor James Urban is working on cutting edge research to better predict the spread of massive, deadly wildfires by studying flames on the International Space Station.

WCVBWorcester, Massachusetts taking on potholes in new, high-tech way

WCVB Channel 5 aired a segment on a new technology developed by WPI graduates that will help detect potholes. The device called Roadgnar is currently being tested by the City of Worcester.

Worcester Business JournalWPI granted $464K to study stress fractures in female runners

The Worcester Business Journal reports on WPI’s National Institutes of Health award to support running injury research.

Telegram.comWPI and Clark ranked among nation's top universities by U.S. News & World Report

The Telegram and Gazette notes WPI’s ranking among the top national universities.

CBS BostonExperts Say Record Rainfall Is Wreaking Havoc On Massachusetts Roads

WPI civil engineering professor Nima Rahbar was interviewed for the CBS Boston segment on how excessive rainfall is creating more pothole problems.

Worcester Business JournalMoney & technology: COVID accelerated the evolution of fintech

“Fintech really is everywhere” WPI Business Professor Robert Sarnie speaks with the Worcester Business Journal about this unnoticed industry.

Central Mass Town SquareWPI’s Newest Mural Encompasses Diversity and Inclusion

Central Mass Town Square reports on a well known Worcester artist who is bringing WPI’s newest mural to life. The painting “Diversity in STEM” is the Class of 2021’s gift to the university and has a very visible and important message.

Telegram.comWPI student launches breakfast stand to address food insecurity throughout Worcester

The Telegram & Gazette highlighted Justin Amevor, a second-year graduate student majoring in computer science who launched DoughBoyz Breakfast this summer. DoughBoyz is a social justice and sustainability foundation serving food to insecure college students and underserved communities.

Condé Nast TravelerHow Venice Is Retackling Overtourism After a Year Without Visitors

The director of WPI’s Venice Project Center, Fabio Carrera, was interviewed for the Conde Nast Traveler article. Carrera argues that developing tech and other entrepreneurial industries independent of tourism will create a more livable Venice—and a more attractive home base for new residents. 

Fast CompanyThis self-healing concrete automatically fills in cracks

The reporter writes “it looks a little like magic” when referring to Professor Nima Rahbar’s research  into self-healing concrete. However the Fast Company article takes a much deeper look at the problem of degrading concrete and the solution the WPI team is developing.

Spectrum News 1Local artist paints a 'Diversity in STEM'-themed mural at WPI

Spectrum News 1 aired a story about the new and first ever exterior mural at WPI. The mural was a gift from the class of 2021 and reflects the diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.


WalletHubAsk the Experts: Best Personal Loans

Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor in The Business School, was featured in an "Ask the Experts" piece in WalletHub, a personal finance website. The article focused on advice for people trying to find a personal loan and characteristics of good personal loans.