June 20, 2019

From animals (real and robotic) and virtual reality to sports and Skittles, you never know what you’ll find at TouchTomorrow. Every year has something different from the previous year—that’s part of why we love it. For those who couldn’t make it to this year’s event (as well as those who did and want to reminisce), here’s a glimpse of how we spent the day.


We met lots of new friends, human and otherwise.

We tried some new hobbies and interests on for size.

Our feet didn’t have to leave the ground for us to reach for the stars.

When life gives you lemons … use ’em in science experiments, of course!

Paul Ventimiglia ’12 took a break from winning BattleBots competitions to spend the day with us (and share a trade secret or two).

As for pulling off science experiments without a hitch, we get by with a little help from our friends (in the lab).

Robots big and small made for not only a fun day of exploration, but a pretty rad Instagram post, too.

We hope TouchTomorrow ignited a spark of curiosity in you!