Experts on 5G

The expansion of 5G technology is likely to bring changes to the devices in your home, your office, the nation’s airlines, and of course, your phone. WPI 5G experts can discuss the technical and economic factors around the rollout of 5G, as well as how the technology will usher in a new era of connectivity and help IoT products flourish

Kyumin Lee
  • Associate Professor Computer Science
Professor Lee’s research interests are in social computing, information retrieval, data science, and cybersecurity over large-scale networked information systems like the Web, social media, crowdfunding, and crowd-based systems. ... View Profile
Craig A. Shue
  • Associate Professor and Department Head Computer Science
Professor Shue's expertise lies in network security. He focuses on using system and network measurements to understand what is happening on a network to protect traditional computers and IoT devices. ... View Profile
Alexander Wyglinski
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Electrical & Computer Engineering
Professor Wyglinski's work focuses on devising new, reliable, and robust wireless communications using artificial intelligence and machine learning.Given society's growing reliance on wireless connectivity, it is important that wireless communications a ... View Profile