Experts on additive manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing encompasses a variety of innovative ways of producing existing products, as well as new products that could not previously be manufactured. Using advanced computational tools, like machine learning, to develop new materials and new techniques for manufacturing, new production techniques like 3D printing, and new ways of reusing manufactured products, advanced manufacturing aims to improve the quality of products, the sustainability of manufacturing processes, and the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. WPI experts on advanced manufacturing, some of whom work in WPI’s new Advanced Manufacturing Center, can talk about advances in 3D printing with metal, sustainability in advanced manufacturing, including recycling of important metals, and the use of human-robot collaboration in manufacturing.

Danielle Lynn Cote
  • Assistant Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Cote is in the Materials Science & Engineering Program with research focused on solid state additive manufacturing (AM) processes, particularly cold spray processing and wire arc AM. ... View Profile
Gregory S. Fischer
  • Professor Robotics Engineering
Professor Fischer develops surgical robotics, including MRI-compatible robotic devices for enhancing cancer diagnosis, add intelligent automation to telesurgery, and develop assistive robotics, including socially assistive robots and wearable physically ... View Profile
Sneha Prabha Narra
  • Sponsored Guest Mechanical & Materials Engineering
As a researcher in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Professor Narra explores novel applications in metal AM by utilizing multidisciplinary knowledge from mechanical engineering, materials science, and manufacturing. ... View Profile
Cagdas Onal
  • Associate Professor Robotics Engineering
Professor Onal conducts research in soft robotics, a largely underexplored area of robotics that has significance in medicine, manufacturing, and disaster response. ... View Profile