Experts on concrete

Concrete is a construction material that is made by mixing together cement, sand, stones, and water. Concrete is the second most widely used substance on Earth, after water. It also has a high impact on the environment and climate change through the greenhouse gases it emits - one cubic yard of concrete is responsible for emitting about 400 pounds of carbon dioxide. WPI experts on concrete can discuss in depth its uses, impact, and more.

Leonard D. Albano
  • Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
... View Profile
Nima Rahbar
  • Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Rahbar studies the fundamental principles that control the behavior of materials in engineering and biology at multiple scales particularly the bioinspired design of materials and structures. ... View Profile
Aaron R. Sakulich
  • Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Sakulich's research focuses on developing new, more durable materials for use in infrastructure, which will lead to a lowered maintenance burden, improved user safety, and a reduced environmental impact. ... View Profile
Mingjiang Tao
  • Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Mingjiang Tao teaches geotechnical and pavement engineering to prepare students for careers in civil engineering. He studies highway infrastructure engineering with a goal of advancing sustainable engineering practices. ... View Profile