Experts on Renewable Fuels

Renewable fuels are a type of energy that comes from naturally replenishing sources. Unlike fossil fuels, which are limited and can run out, renewable fuels are sustainable and can be continuously produced. These fuels are made from resources like sunlight, wind, water, and plants, and they can be used to power various aspects of our lives, from transportation to electricity generation. The beauty of renewable fuels lies in their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen our impact on the environment, making them a vital part of building a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for the world. WPI experts on renewable fuels research and work to find new pathways to develop these fuels, as part of WPI's larger focus on a sustainable campus and world.

Ravindra Datta
  • Affiliate Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Datta's work spans decades of applying the principles of kinetics, catalysis, and reaction engineering to energy challenges. ... View Profile
Andrew R Teixeira
  • Associate Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Teixeira is a chemical engineer with specialties in the fields of chemical reaction engineering and materials science. ... View Profile
Michael T. Timko
  • Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Timko studies the environmental and engineering aspects of clean energy technologies, with a specific emphasis on liquid transportation fuels. ... View Profile