Experts on space flight

We are going back to the moon, and NASA is leading the way with the Artemis I mission. Initially an uncrewed, 1.3 million-mile flight test, the massive effort will pave the way for a long-term human presence on the lunar surface and possibly beyond. WPI experts on space flight and aeronautical engineering are available to discuss spacecraft mission analysis, “cubesats” or nanosatellites, thermodynamics, and spacecraft propulsion.

John J. Blandino
  • Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering
Professor Blandino conducts research in electric propulsion for spacecraft and performs analysis of more challenging missions that are enabled by this technology. ... View Profile
Danielle Lynn Cote
  • Assistant Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Cote is in the Materials Science & Engineering Program with research focused on solid state additive manufacturing (AM) processes, particularly cold spray processing and wire arc AM. ... View Profile
Nikolaos A. Gatsonis
  • Professor & Department Head Aerospace Engineering
Professor Gatsonis’ research entails the development of continuum, atomistic and hybrid models, and computational methods for fluids, gases and plasmas in regimes that range from nanoscale to macroscale and low- speed to hypersonic. ... View Profile
Lee Moradi
  • Professor of Practice Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Lee Moradi is an expert on autonomous vehicles. ... View Profile
Carlo Pinciroli
  • Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator Robotics Engineering
Professor Pinciroli's research focuses on designing innovative tools for swarm robotics. ... View Profile