Experts on summer safety

For many, the summer is a time for relaxation, trips to the beach or community pool, backyard cookouts, and vacations. However, summer is also a season that brings its own set of safety issues. Our experts can discuss efforts to ensure summer safety during heat waves, including how to identify and protect the most vulnerable, as well as fireworks and how to safely celebrate the 4th of July, and clean water concerns – including the presence and mitigation of blue-green algae and other toxins, and water treatment.

Stephen M. McCauley
  • Associate Professor of Teaching The Global School
McCauley's interests include climate change preparedness, urban resilience, energy system innovation, community participation in environmental decision-making, citizen science, and GI Science for urban planning. ... View Profile
Ali S. Rangwala
  • Professor Fire Protection Engineering
Professor Rangwala's research interests include problems related to industrial fire and explosions. ... View Profile
Harold W. Walker
  • Schwaber Professor Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Walker's research is focused on the development of new, innovative technology for the purification of water. ... View Profile