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Experts on Renewable Fuels

Renewable fuels continue to take on even greater importance, as the effects of climate change increase, and the war in Ukraine has sent oil and gas prices skyrocketing. Our experts can discuss the main alternative fuels, from biomass fuels, to hydrogen, and electric power, and the cutting-edge research that’s found some surprising sources to help vehicles use green technology and keep costs down.

Ravindra  Datta
Ravindra Datta
Affiliate Professor
Chemical Engineering

Professor Datta's work spans decades of applying the principles of kinetics, catalysis, and reaction engineering to energy challenges. He says while the long-term solution is renewable energy, much can be accomplished in... Read More

Andrew R Teixeira

Professor Teixeira is a chemical engineer with specialties in the fields of chemical reaction engineering and materials science. His primary research focus combines a multidisciplinary approach with classical and new... Read More

Michael T. Timko

Professor Timko studies the environmental and engineering aspects of clean energy technologies, with a specific emphasis on liquid transportation fuels. His work involves studying the fundamental chemical engineering science... Read More