April 06, 2010

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The Center for Neuroprosthetics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Bioengineering Institute will bring leaders in research and development of neuroprosthetics together with clinicians who treat patients with limb-loss to discuss the state of the field and to advance collaborations that will push next-generation artificial limbs and prosthetic devices closer to clinical applications.


November 3, 2010


WPI Campus Center Odeum, Worcester, Massachusetts.


To review the plenary presentations and post-event coverage from Neuroprosthetics 2009, and to keep posted on the details for this year's event, please visit: www.wpi.edu/+np

About BEI

The Bioengineering Institute at WPI is an interdisciplinary organization blending academic, industry, and government partnerships to foster research and development of innovative, life sciences-based technologies. Scientists, engineers, and clinicians work through the BEI to address important research challenges in several major areas of medical technology and healthcare, including neuroprosthetics, tissue engineering, regenerative biology and bioprocessing among others. Learn more at: www.wpi.edu/academics/Research/BEI