Technichords on Air
February 21, 2014

A cappella groups come together for themed show

On Friday, Feb. 21, Technichords on Air will feature three WPI a cappella groups—The Audiophiles, Simple Harmonic Motion, and Sound Logic—plus visiting groups Fools on the Hill (from Holy Cross) and The Clark [University] Counterpoints. All will be featured at the annual February event to bring much needed vocal warmth to this chilly time of year.

Alison Brasser, business director for Technichords, explains that each year the show features a temptations theme. “Last year it was Temptations from the Muses and this year it’s Temptations from the Stations.

“The theme is based around different genres of music,” she says. “Our goal was to have each song be from a different genre of music. So Temptations from the Stations means different radio stations that play different genres.”

All proceeds from the show will help fund next year’s performance. “Luckily, last year’s show had a great turn out so we have a good bank to make this show fantastic!” admits Brasser.

Performance in Alden Hall. Doors open at 7pm, vocal wonders begin at 7:30. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door: $5 WPI students, $10 general admission. Learn more about it here.