November 17, 2014

The WPI community is gearing up for its 7th Annual Silent Auction. This year, instead of holding a traditional silent auction where everyone comes to bid, we plan to hold an on-line auction that spans several days, giving everyone the chance to check out the items and place their bids. The event is scheduled to run Dec. 8-10, and details will be provided for you to register and check out the auction items in advance.

We already have some wonderful donations, including a sunset cruise of Narragansett Bay, a Reflexology gift card, and framed artwork, but we need your help to get additional donations for the auction.

• Can you knit, draw, paint, bead, or do anything else that you would be willing to donate?

• Do you know anyone who owns a business who would donate services or supplies to the auction?

• Does your department have any giveaways that you could donate?

• Are there any new, unwanted gifts in the attic that you would consider donating?

Deadline for donations is Monday, Dec. 1. Please deliver your donations to Doreen Manning in Marketing and Communications on the 3rd floor of Boynton Hall. If she is not available, you can leave the donations with the department admin. Doreen will photograph your donations and then bring them for display in the Bartlett Center.

All proceeds from the Silent Auction go directly to the United Way of Central Massachusetts and benefit our own neighbors. Please help to make this year’s event a success for WPI and for the United Way.

Please direct questions to Liz Tomaszewski at, or any other committee members: Emily Bell, Ed Connor, Scott Hadley, Yvonne Harris, Ajayi Harris, Bernice Lisk, Melissa Luzzo, or Doreen Manning.