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2021 Senior Class Gift

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Israel Project Center (Eilat) - MQP

Israel is a small nation nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It contains geographically diverse features and has a unique atmosphere of past and future, simultaneously rooted in its rich history and set on the cutting edge of innovation. Although the country is only about the size of New Jersey and has limited natural resources, Israel a hub for entrepreneurship, home to more high-tech startups per capita than any other nation in the world.

PH 2502. LASERS.

An introduction to the physical principles underlying lasers and their applications . Topics will include the coherent nature of laser light, optical cavities, beam optics, atomic radiation, conditions for laser oscillation, optical amplifiers (including fiber amplifiers), pulsed lasers (Q switching and mode locking), laser excitation (optical and electrical), and selected laser applications . Recommended background is PH 1110, PH 1120, PH 1130 and PH 1140 (or their equivalents) . This course will be offered in 2019-20, and in alternating years thereafter .

Monteverde, Costa Rica Project Center - MQP

Costa Rica is a land of contrasts: banana plantations, flaming volcanoes, misty black sand beaches, and a thriving modern capitalist economy. A remarkably stable country, both politically and economically, Costa Rica offers an opportunity for students to become immersed in a Central American culture where democracy, economic development, and concern for the environment are a permanent part of the landscape. WPI students will be staying in the Monteverde Cloud Forest region, about 3.5 to 4 hours outside of San Jose.

Water Resource Outreach Center (Massachusetts) - MQP

WPI’s Water Resource Outreach Center (WROC) is a theme-based project center, focused on protecting water resources within Massachusetts. The WROC is in the unique position of having a partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP). This means that students are likely to have consistent access toMADEP employees, including the Regional Deputy Director of the MADEP and the statewide stormwater coordinator. Likewise, the co-directors are experts in their respective water related fields.

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