Accident and Injury Reporting

For immediate medical assistance or to report an emergency please contact

Campus Police at 508-831-5555

Office Location: 37 Lee Street - 105B

Reporting Accidents or Injuries

All injuries, regardless of severity, must be immediately reported to the individual's supervisor so that they may help ensure appropriate medical attention is obtained and to remedy the condition or circumstances that caused the incident. The individual or supervisor should complete the Accident Report Form and submit it to Talent & Inclusion within 24 hours of the incident. If the injured individual cannot complete the accident report the supervisor must do so on their behalf. Whenever possible, supervisors shall review the details of the accident report form with the individual before it is submitted. Once submitted, Talent & Inclusion and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) will review the accident report and may request additional information.

Addition Information When Reporting Injuries on Campus

How to Complete a WPI Accident Report Form

The WPI Accident Report Form must be completed when:

  • Initially reporting an injury to Talent & Inclusion and EHS
  • Submitting workers compensation claims
  • When seeking medical treatment beyond first aid

The injured individual shall provide as much detail as possible and submit a completed accident report form to their supervisor within 24 hours of the incident. It is expected that supervisors review and help complete the WPI Accident Report Form within 24 hours of the incident.

Receiving Medical Attention

For injuries requiring immediate medical attention, Campus Police should be contacted at 508-831-5555. Campus Police will coordinate transportation to the nearest medical facility.

For injuries requiring non-emergency medical attention, Faculty and Staff should seek medical attention through American Family Center, an Urgent Care Center, or by contacting their own medical provider. Students should go to Health Services to schedule an appointment.