On-Campus Interviews

Conducting on-campus interviews is an efficient, convenient way to meet WPI talent and narrow down candidates for potential job opportunities. Meetings can take place in our interview suite within the Career Development Center, which includes a waiting area and private interview rooms.  We also provide a laptop to employers who may need to utilize video conferencing software to interview a student off-campus. 

All on-campus interview schedules must be requested through your Handshake account. 

More information on the different scheduling options, as well as photos of what our interview suite looks like, can be found below.  For any additional questions, please contact our office at cdc@wpi.edu or 508-831-5260.



On-Campus Interviewing at WPI

Each on-campus interview room comes equipped with a table, chairs, and a large white board

The hallway from the front waiting area to our on-campus interview rooms

Another on campus interview room

To request on-campus interviews at WPI, please log-in to your Handshake account.

There are several options for scheduling on-campus interviews:

  • Room Reservation Only: When you request an on-campus interview schedule in Handshake, you dictate the number of rooms you would like reserved and handle everything else.  This means you collect applications and sign students up for interview times on your own.  On your interview day, you provide us with the schedule of students. This is the most popular option for the first few days following a Career Fair, when you want to meet again with students from the event.
  • Preselect: When you request an on-campus interview schedule in Handshake, you link a job posting with it.  In addition, there will be trigger dates set, including an application deadline for students, an employer review period for you and your team to decide who you'd like to interview, and an interview sign-up period.  Selected students will be notified automatically that they’ve been invited, and will be instructed to sign up for an interview time in Handshake.   When you arrive for your interview day, we will provide you with the schedule.
    • Preselect: Applications can only be reviewed after the application deadline. Primary and alternate student choices are available whereby primaries are given first shot at signing up followed by alternate candidates if space permits. 
    • Preselect Continuous: Review applications as they come in to decide whether you would like the student to be invited to interview.
    • Open: All students who meet the specified job qualifications will be able to sign-up for a time slot on a first-come first-served basis.  No selections are made by the employer.