Network Security at Home

When accessing a network at home, users are often unaware of how their lead to potential security threats due to the lack of security network management. To help alleviate and stop any potential security threats, a new technology has been developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute that allows residential users to outsource their network management to a security service provider. By outsourcing all residential network traffic, the outside provider is able to examine all network traffic. As the network traffic is examined, the outside source works to understand the exact source and make an educated decision to allow or deny the request. With an increase in traffic, the outside source continuously learns and creates a more secure network with time by developing and adhering to policies. To ensure the policies are correct, the technology stays up-to-date with the security community in order to recognize and stop evolving threats. With these features, this technology is the first to grant this level of control over residential networks by an outside provider and revolutionize residential network security. At the moment, the potential market for this technology can stem from internet providers to a network service startup company to universities looking to manage residence hall network security.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Outsources all network traffic to a network provider
  • Helps protect against potential threats
  • Ability to set the outside network provider and forget
  • Continuously learning and enhancing knowledge base on potential threats
  • Potential to be affordable for all consumers
Faculty/PhD/Staff Inventor(s)
Curtis Taylor
Research Category
Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering
Patent Status
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