Office of Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) coordinates accommodation services and support to assist students with documented physical, learning, sensory, psychological, and developmental disabilities during their time at WPI.

Our office strives to foster an environment that supports and encourages self-advocacy, independence, and personal growth. OAS currently works directly with 800+ students throughout the year to support accommodation services covering all aspects of academic and campus life. OAS staff also collaborates with faculty, students, and staff to encourage an open and accessible campus community through programming focusing on physical access, universal course design, community awareness, and student peer-support and personal growth.

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Accessibility Checklist

Are you planning an event on campus? Reference our checklist to ensure your programs are accessible to all participants. This checklist contains considerations for marketing, location, food/drink and event communication essential to creating an inclusive experience.



ADA Accessible Campus

The Office of Accessibility Services fosters an environment that supports an open and accessible campus. Visit the WPI interactive map to search for accessible elevators, entrances with automatic door openers, ramps, and parking locations across campus.

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