Unity Hall

27 Boynton Street, Worcester, MA 01609

This state-of-the-art academic and research facility fosters and enhances interdisciplinary connections and collaboration across campus. It provides a base for a community of WPI faculty, researchers, and students focused on the connected world to come together––along with partners from industry, government, and academia––to develop integrated solutions with computational methods and smart design to some of the world’s most pressing problems in health, energy, transportation, and the built environment.

The new building also improves navigation and accessibility from Boynton Street to the top of the hill, helping to create strong, direct connections between WPI’s main campus, its eastern residential area, and its academic programs and centers at Gateway Park.

WPI new academic building

The new academic building features versatile learning spaces that can be configured in multiple ways to inspire learning through doing; flexible research, collaborative, and graduate student space designed to bring great minds together to solve important problems; and faculty offices to support faculty expansion and maintain the teaching and learning environment for which WPI is well known. The building also houses the Student Academic Services Center, which connects students with the support and guidance they need to help them succeed, both personally and academically, throughout their WPI journey––and beyond.


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Student Academic Services Center

The Student Academic Services Center will assist students in selecting their academic path, in supporting academic success, and in career planning and development to help deliver on the promise of a WPI education. 

With this integrated and comprehensive approach, students will have direct and convenient access––all under one roof––to the information, opportunities, and resources to successfully manage the college experience and achieve their academic goals. 

The Student Academic Services Center will include:

Academic Departments

As we approach what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the building serves as a “smart” hub for faculty, researchers, and students from the following academic departments and programs that are focused on the connected world: