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Cheryl A. Martunas

Cheryl Martunas

Dir of Public Safety/Chief
Office: Founder's Hall
Phone: 508-831-5433
Cheryl is the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police at WPI, responsible for management and operation of the WPI Police department, the oversight of the university‚Äôs Access Control System, and the Student EMS and Transportation services. Chief Martunas has 30 years of law enforcement experience, including 26 years in a campus setting. ... View Profile

Ronald Bashista

Emergency Preparedness Director

Karen Bueno

Operations Lieutenant
Phone: 508-831-5433
<a href="/people/staff/cpcarpen">Christopher Carpenter</a>

Christopher Carpenter

Phone: 508-831-5433
<a href="/people/staff/bgreen">Brendan Green</a>

Brendan Green

Administrative Lieutenant
<a href="/people/staff/lajano">Lisa Jano</a>

Lisa Jano

Office Coordinator

Stephen Marsh

Assoc Director, Public Safety
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