Associate-to-Full Policy Documents from the WPI Faculty Handbook

Tools to Navigate the Foggy Climate of Promotion

The following resources were created by cross-campus, multi-level, multi-constituency summer working groups supported by WPI's ADVANCE Adaptation grant. These documents were then formally adopted by the promotion committee:

Professional Development and Mentoring of Associates

Publications and Presentations

  • Skorinko, J. L. (2019). “Scholarship of Discovery and Beyond: Thinking About Multiple Forms of Scholarship and Elements of Project-Based Learning to Engage Undergraduates in Publishable Research.” Frontiers in Psychology10, 917.
  • Demetry, C., & Lingo, E. L. (2019, June). Transforming the Associate-to-Full Promotion System:  Wrestling with Strategic Ambiguity and Gender Equity. ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, Florida.
  • Demetry, C. (2020, June). What is valued and who is valued for promotion? Enacting and sustaining a policy that rewards multiple forms of scholarship. ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition (Virtual).
  • Demetry, C., E. Lingo, N. Farny, K. Hollan, S. Roberts, J. Skorinko (2022). "Summer working groups: A strategy to engage multi-level stakeholders in cross-cutting efforts that advance equity in STEM," presented at the ARC Network Equity in STEM Community Convening, May 31 - June 2, 2022. Slides
  • "Equity in our Associate-to-Full promotion systems: How far have we come?" presentation to the WPI faculty, November 10, 2022. Slides 

Media Coverage

Additional Resources and National Context

Here are some external resources that were helpful for our work, along with articles describing the broader national context of these issues around faculty promotion, mentoring, and biases: