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Summary Annual Report 403(b) (PDF) -  A summary annual report (SAR) is an annual statement in narrative form that summarizes the latest annual report for the retirement plan.

Summary Plan Description 403(b) (PDF) - The Summary Plan Description (SPD) includes information about, plan eligibility, contributing and vesting into your plan, investing in your plan, withdrawing money from your plan, administrative information and definitions.

Group Supplemental Retirement Summary Plan Description (PDF) - Eligible to all employees, starting day one of employment. The SPD includes information about, plan eligibility, contributing and vesting into your plan, investing in your plan, withdrawing money from your plan, administrative information and definitions.

Health Insurance Marketplace Notice (PDF) - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to provide information to all employees about the option to shop in the Marketplace (also known as the "exchange") for private insurance that provides minimum essential coverage. The ACA requires all employees to be informed about the marketplace. More information about the ACA can be found here (PDF).

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - Group health plans are required to provide a uniform summary of the plan's benefits and coverage. For additional information about your employee benefits, visit the employee resource center.

Summary Plan Description (Health and Welfare Benefits) (PDF) - This summary contains general plan provisions, eligibility information, coverage information, plan administration, and claims procedures.

Annual Federal Health Insurance Notices (PDF) - The information below can be found in the Health Insurance Notice:

  • Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
  • CHIP Notice
  • Special Rule for Maternity and Infant Coverage
  • Special Rule for Women's Health Coverage
  • Notice Regarding Lifetime and Annual Dollar Limits
  • Patient Protection Disclosure
  • Affordable Care Act Consumer Protections
  • Michelle's Law
  • GINA

Initial COBRA Notice (PDF) - This notice is to inform you of your right to purchase temporary extension of group health coverage when coverage is lost due to a qualifying event.

Wellness Program Disclosure (PDF)