Our talent is our greatest multiplier.

What’s possible? It’s a question this premier technological university is well-equipped to ask of our students—and to encourage our students to ask. Similarly, WPI’s esteemed scholars and researchers, and the staff who work alongside them, ask this of themselves and each other with every new term, project, and partnership. It’s this spirit that makes WPI—this institution of theory and practice and impact, of innovation and collaboration and humanity—a truly great place to work. We call this Great Minds Multiplied, and it's part of what makes WPI truly distinctive.

Within the Division of Talent & Inclusion, you will find traditional human resources tools and programs—but our strategic focus is expanding. WPI is dedicated to the recruitment, engagement, retention, and on-going development of diverse faculty and staff who are personally invested in the university's continuing success. This welcoming and respectful community creates an energy that allows our employees and our students to thrive.

You'll hear it talked about as talent, engagement, and inclusion, but you'll see it in action here.

Learning Academy at WPI

WPI's Learning Academy is the university’s flexible learning management system where employees will find extensive resources to help with professional development and personal growth. Employees driven by a lifelong passion for learning can explore the courses, videos, reading materials, and presentations that fit their work and life schedule, learning style, and immediate and long-term goals.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

WPI honors the diversity each member of our community brings to campus. Diversity, inclusion, and equity aren’t buzzwords here—creating a community where people are comfortable enough to express themselves and where they feel their opinions count is part of WPI’s mission.

We learn from each other and celebrate our differences.


Jean King
Jean King, Dean of Arts & Sciences, talks to bio and biotech professor Liz Ryder.


Foisie Business School professor Bengisu Tulu and WPI custodian Janice Frederick look at books Frederick authored.


Mechanical engineering department head Jamal Yagoobi works with students.


professor and student talking in front of computer or video equipment
IMGD professor Farley Chery mentors students as they develop new approaches to interactive media.


Two women on the right and one man on the left taking a selfie
President Laurie Leshin snaps a selfie at the MITRE-WPI Collaboratory opening.


two women leaning over a table in opposite directions looking at items on the table at a benefits fair.
Employees look over the offerings at WPI's annual Benefits Fair.


September 10, 2020
Health Services & Resources, We Are WPI, Health Services, Human Resources
August 26, 2020
WPI Today, Division of Talent & Inclusion


Angela Rodriguez, assistant professor of psychology, guides her yoga class into a Reverse Warrior pose.  alt
Angela Rodriguez, assistant professor of psychology, guides her yoga class into a Reverse Warrior pose.
April 08, 2020
WPI Tech Old Timers organization alt
Arthur Carlson, Assistant Director for Archives and Special Collections, meets with guests at the recent Tech Old Timers 60th anniversary event.
September 26, 2018