StairWalker: A Mobility Aid Device for Stairs and Steps

Current assistive walking devices cannot support mobility up and down stairways. There exists a growing population of individuals in need of an assistive walking device. Lack of proper handicap accommodations, mainly in personal housing, presents a safety risk to the individuals in need of these accommodations. The risk of an accident increases drastically when individuals rely on balance or use a device beyond its intended functionality as most market systems require.

StairWalker’s unique approach to supporting mobility up and down stairways without compromising intended functionality employs a dual pivot system. This allows each side of the walker to be lifted independently and moved up or down steps without requiring redistribution of their weight. Additionally, adjustable front legs allow the walker system to fit variable-sized stairways. This provides enhanced versatility to the system and does not require the end user to maintain balance while maneuvering the system. Safety and versatility are the primary benefits of this system over competing systems.


Key Features/Benefits

  • Cost of the system is comparable to existing walker solutions
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Safely designed and does not rely on the end user’s balance
Fang Han, Garth Hull, Dante Mauriello, & Michael Pierce
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Health & Biotechnology
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