3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies, including 3D printing, use a computer-driven, additive process to print solid three-dimensional models one layer at a time almost directly from a computer-aided design (CAD) program. WPI has executive level RP machines managed by Academic & Research Computing (ARC) Center staff available for students, faculty, and staff across campus.

Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)

Available machines utilize materials such as ABS plastic, nylon which can be reinforced with carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass, and a polyjet machine capable of using a variety of resins that can produce up to 14 different material properties within one part, with over 60 material options available. Submissions to the machines are accepted for any on campus projects (MQP, IQP, course project, graduate research, etc.) that have been approved by an advisor or faculty member, for the production of parts that cannot be easily purchased or created using other on campus resources. For more information or to request a print, please visit the SharePoint site.