Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Engineering, 2004
New Hampshire College, Master of Business Administration, 1991
University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1999
Salem State College, Bachelor of Science in Sports, Fitness, and Leisure – Athletic Training, 1989

Anne M. Johnson has worked for the Department of the Navy for 20 years. She has served as systems software management lead, and principle investigator for concept generation and development, assessments, futuring, and analytics across many areas of undersea warfare and maritime security.

Anne is a PhD student in Simulation Science at WPI. Her research is at the intersection of modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, predictive analytics, futuring & foresight, and gaming to inform decision making in the face of uncertainty. She is interested in the advancement of multi-method simulation modeling and hybrid-analytics for optimization of enterprise-level system design, redesign, and performance and its application to national security.

Scholarly Work