Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Masters in Biotechnology, Feb 2018
Universidad Católica de Santa María (Arequipa, Peru), Biotechnology Engineering (Professional Title), Dec 2012
Universidad Católica de Santa María (Arequipa, Peru), B.S. Biotechnology Engineering, Dec 2009

Diego’s fascination with understanding how things work, alongside a passion for biological sciences, led him to study biotechnological engineering. He then came to WPI with a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a Masters with Prof. Rao and a Ph.D. with Prof. Shell. Diego was intrigued to find that after over a hundred years of research on TB, there are many secrets hidden in the genome of this bacterium that confer a remarkable ability to survive stress conditions. He is focused on understanding the regulation of mRNA stability as an adaptive response to environmental changes. In addition to doing research in the Shell lab, Diego enjoys oil painting and ballroom dancing. More...