University of California, Irvine, Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, 2016
Southeast University Nanjing, China, Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, 2014
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Massachusetts, United State Doctor of Philosophy of Science in Material Science and Engineering

The Design of New Cathode Material for High Energy Lithium Ion Battery Nowadays, electrical vehicle (EV) has been attracted much more attention than before since it’s convenient for drivers and environmental friendly for society. However the energy of all kinds of lithium ion battery now in commercial use are not satisfied the requests of being power source for EV. So choosing and optimizing several kinds of capacity cathodes which have high capacity and good electrical properties such as good cycling performance and rate capability is the primary work for EV battery research area. This research aim to optimize two kinds of cathode material, LNCA and lithium manganese rich materials (LMNR), which are potential cathodes of EV since their high theoretical specific capacity. However several drawbacks need to be improved such as their low cycling performance, unstable structure, and fast voltage fading. In this paper doping other ions (Na, K, Al, Sn) replacing Ni and Mn ions stabling cathodes’ structure and coating other stable material (Aluminum oxide, graphite), changing electrolyte to improve electrical performance are used to optimizing these two kinds of cathode material.