WPI, Ph. D. Robotics Engineering, Pursuing
Georgia Tech, M. S. Music Technology, 2019
Thapar University, B. E. Mechatronics Engineering, 2017

I am a Ph.D. student in Robotics Engineering at WPI. I work as a research assistant on Medical Image Processing & Robotic Ultrasound at Dr. Haichong Zhang's Medical FUSION Lab (Frontier Ultrasound Imaging & Robotic Instrumentation Lab). My research is based on utilizing AI/ML for ultrasound image classification and morphological prediction with applications in domains ranging from disease diagnosis, rehabilitation robotics, robotic teleoperation, and gaming. I've been increasingly incorporating advances in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and AR/VR in my research. Prior to joining WPI, I worked at Bose and Panasonic for a year, after finishing my M. S. at Georgia Tech.