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Iran University of Science and Technology, Masters of Industrial Engineering, 2020

Sahar Ebrahimi Bajgni is a Ph.D. candidate with a passion for developing sustainable supply chain network models and exploring the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Her research focuses on investigating the challenges of adopting blockchain technology in supply chains plagued by counterfeit issues. She designs supply chain networks to simulate real-world scenarios and examines how cooperation between supply chain participants can sustain blockchain technology as a profitable solution.

In addition to her work on blockchain technology, Sahar is conducting empirical research aimed at pushing the boundaries of blockchain implementation beyond existing literature. She seeks to uncover overlooked challenges and develop comprehensive models that transcend simplistic cost considerations, embracing the multidimensional aspects of blockchain technology.

Sahar's research interests extend to exploring new dimensions of supply chain networks using game theory and variational inequalities. She applies game-theoretic models to illustrate the ecosystem of entities in a supply chain, including suppliers, consumers, and middle entities. Through her work, Sahar aims to build and maintain more efficient, resilient, and balanced supply chain networks with the aid of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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