University of New Hampshire, Bachelor of Science, 2017

I work in Kun-Ta Wu’s lab where we are striving to develop new techniques to control mixing at the meso and microscale by harnessing the dynamism of microtubule kinesin active fluid. By controlling temperature and confinement I can tune activity and induce self-organization of the active fluid on the mesoscale. I engineer protein structure, enzymes, and constituent concentrations at the nanoscale to create cascading effects that reach the macroscale in dynamic and morphological expression of the system. My field is soft condensed active matter, and my interest lies in the possibilities of assembling yet un-harnessed proteins, enzymes, and synthetic elements in biomimetic active fluid systems, and the opportunity of tuning and controlling these systems to express rich, varied, and exciting dynamical physics. By discovering techniques and finding explosive new behaviors, I hope to contribute to the advance of biotechnology. My enthusiasm for working within the WPI community has grown the longer I have had the opportunity to be a part of it. Giving my energy back to my environment through teaching, mentoring, and community organizing continues to be my passion and a crucial element of my experience here. I am looking forward to diving into the rest of my PhD with growing interest and enthusiasm.

Research Interests