Life Sci. & BioEng Room 254
+1 (508) 8315000 x5263
Diplom Chemist University of Hamburg 1988
Dr. rer. nat. University of Hamburg 1994
Postdoctoral Research Associate Rutgers University 1994 - 1997
Habilitation Candidate, Max Planck Group for Liquid Crystals, University of Halle

Arne Gericke is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies ad interim, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, and a Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

The research in my lab is generally concerned with the biophysical characterization of lipid mediated protein functions.

We are particularly interested in studying phosphoinositide mediated signaling pathways. Phosphoinositide lipids represent only a small fraction of lipids in cellular membranes, yet their importance for cellular processes cannot be overstated. Phosphoinositides mediate physiological functions by regulating the activity and/or localization of membrane-associated proteins and thereby, influence or even control membrane processes like cell polarity, migration, survival, division, cytoskeletal dynamics and vesicular trafficking. Dysregulation of phosphoinositide levels has been associated with many human diseases, most notably cancer and neurological diseases. We are interested in determining how phosphoinositide mediated signaling events are organized in space and time and we are investigating the impact of phosphoinositides on protein activities and functions. We are utilizing a broad range of advanced thermodynamic, spectroscopic and microscopy techniques and students at all educational levels are encouraged to join our research projects that range from physical chemistry of biomembrane model systems to cellular biophysics.

Throughout my career I have obtained funding for several educational initiatives, including course development, undergraduate scholarships and research experiences for undergraduate students. As Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research I advise students on how to get involved in research and I secure funding for undergraduate summer research activities. Please visit the Undergraduate Research page for more information about research opportunities.

Visit Digital WPI to view student projects advised by Professor Gericke.

Scholarly Work

Professor Gericke’s major research contributions include the development and application of infrared-reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS); lipid-protein interactions, specifically phosphoinositides (PIPs) and the tumor suppressor protein (PTEN); signal transduction at biological membranes; and bone tissue research. Full list of publications in [SITE NAME]


Featured articles:



A. Gericke, A.V. Michailov and H. Hühnerfuss (1993) “Polarized external infared reflectionabsorption spectroscopy at the air/water interface:Comparison of experimental and theoretical results for different angles of incidence” Vib. Spectroscopy 4: 335 - 348.

D.A. Redfern, A. Gericke (2005) “pH dependent microdomain formation in phosphatidylinositol polyphosphate/ phosphatidylcholine mixed vesicles” J. Lip. Res. 46: 504 – 515. PMID 15604522

R.E. Redfern, D.A. Redfern, M.L. Furgason, M. Munson, A.H. Ross, A. Gericke (2008) “Phosphoinositides selectively bind to PTEN phosphatase and induce structural changes” Biochemistry, 47: 2162 – 2171. PMID 18220422

A. Gericke, C. Qin, L. Spevak, Y. Fujimoto, W.T. Butler, E. Sorensen, A.L. Boskey (2005) “Importance of Phosphorylation for Osteopontin regulation of Biomineralization” Calcified Tissue International 77: 45 -54. PMID 18220422

Professional Highlights & Honors
Chemistry & Physics of Lipids, Editorial Board Member, 2012 - present
Biomolecules, Editorial Board Member, 2017 - present
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