Carly Siegel
BS in Applied Mathematics, Virginia Tech, 2010
MBA, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2019

With teachers for parents, I have always respected those who teach and the importance of education. While I did not originally set out to have a career in education, I found myself coming to WPI to do precisely that, after spending a decade in the corporate world as a statistician. During my time as a statistician, I taught engineers, particularly those in industrial, biomedical, and electrical engineering, how to apply statistics effectively to their work from designing a new medical device to sustaining commercialized medical devices. It was this passion for teaching statistics to engineers that led me to choosing to leave the corporate world to become a professor. 

Oftentimes, in statistics, there is no "right" answer because it depends on the scenario, so I bring my experience to the classroom to help the students learn the variety of tools available when they apply statistics to their own fields. While I understand statistics can be a daunting subject, I hope to bring a bit of fun to the classroom (often with M&M's and gyrocopters) and let the students see the multitude of ways in which statistics can be used. At the undergraduate level, I teach Applied Statistics (I and II) and Design of Experiments. At the graduate level, I teach Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Design of Experiments, and Statistical Quality Control. I am also the statistics minor advisor.