Goddard Hall 124, 100 Institute Road
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Civil Engineering, 2011
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Master of Science (M.S.), Environmental Engineering, 2006
Jordan University of Science & Technology, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Civil Engineering, 2003

Professor Abu-Lail is an assistant teaching professor of chemical engineering. She earned a PhD in civil engineering at WPI in 2011 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship while also teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in chemical engineering and civil and environmental engineering. While working with chemical engineering professor Terri Camesano, she investigated the effect of cranberry juice components on the ability of the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections to adhere to uroepitheial cells, and she continues to be interested in the studies of bacterial adhesion. She is also interested in research on the fate and transport of emerging contaminants, which are chemicals found in water supplies whose effects on our health are not yet fully understood.

I have been involved in WPI’s academic life for many years and taught a total of eight different undergraduate and graduate courses. I teach both lecture and laboratory courses and am experienced in face-to-face and online teaching platforms. Innovative technologies, co-teaching, designing & developing new courses, interdisciplinary approaches, and industrial collaborations are examples of practices that are central to my efforts in providing high quality teaching.

Current Courses taught by Professor Abu-Lail:

  • Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering I (CHE 4401) & II (CHE 4402)
  • Water Treatment (CE 3060)
  • Hydraulics (CE 3062)
  • Environmental Organic Chemistry (CE 590)
  • Biosystems in Environmental Engineering (CE 562)

Scholarly Work

Full list of publications: