Mahmood Mirheydar
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Mahmood Mirheydar

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Adjunct Teaching Professor



Ph. D.  Electrical Engineering, December 1985, Iowa State University

Specialization:  Power system analysis and computer modeling of power systems

M. S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 1980, University of Iowa

B. S. Electrical Engineering, December 1978, University of Iowa


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, Massachusetts

2013 to present – Adjunct Professor

Teaching graduate level power engineering courses as part of WPI Corporate and Professional Education online program.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington DC

2005 to present – Senior Electrical Engineer

Core responsibilities at FERC are BPS event analysis, data analytics, and compliance assessments.

Team lead drafting final rule directing North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) to develop Extreme Weather Transmission Planning Reliability Standard

Led several event investigations as technical lead, most notably, the 2011 Southwest blackout.

Co-author of a report to Congress on steps to establish and implement real-time transmission monitoring system for Transmission Owners and Operators within the Eastern and Western Interconnections.

1985 to 2005 - Power Industry

Leading wide range of projects in power systems including power system dynamic analysis, development and integration of EMS Advanced Applications, and development of Reliability and Market applications for RTOs/ISOs.


O.Shariati Member IEEE, M. R. Aghamohammadi Member IEEE, B. Potter Member IEEE, M.Mirheydar Member IEEE, "A Novel Approach to Extended System Frequency Response Model for Complex Power Systems (ESFR)", IEEE Access, June 13, 2023.

Carlos A. Martinez, Member IEEE, Mahmood Mirheydar, Member IEEE, “Wide-Area Reliability Automated Reports Using Phasor and SCADA Measurements and a Model-Less Approach.  Paper presented at the “Control Center Issues” session, IEEE PES General Meeting 2011, Detroit, MI, July 24-29, 2011.

Mirheydar, M., W. Slutsker, S. Mokhtari "Scan Rate Estimation in Energy Management Systems".  IEEE Computer Applications in Power, July 1996.

Anderson, P. M., Mirheydar, M., Bavishi, A., Julian, F., Loux, R. C., Sauber, M. J. "A Comparative Study of Various Transmission System Adequacy Evaluation Computer Programs".  Paper submitted to 16th Inter-Ram Conference for the Electric Power Industry.

Anderson, P. M., Mirheydar, M.  "A Low-Order System Frequency Response Model".  IEEE Transactions on Power System, Vol. 5, No. 3, August 1990.

Anderson, P. M., Mirheydar, M.  "An Adaptive Method for Setting Underfrequency Load Shedding Relays".  IEEE Transactions on Power System, August 1991.

M. Mirheydar, Thiyagarajah, B. Carlson, J. Bann, , S. Mokhtari  "A New Approach to the Graphical Presentation of the Advanced Application Results Using X/Motif".  IEEE Computer Applications in Power, Vol. 6, No. 3, July 1993.

Anderson, P. M., Mirheydar, M.  "Analysis of Diesel-Engine Driven Generating Unit and the Possibility for Voltage Flicker".  Paper presented in IEEE Power Engineering Society  Summer Meeting on July 1994.



The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE member

The Honor Society of Electrical Engineering, ETA KAPPA NU

The Honor Society of Mathematics, PI MU EPSILON

The Scientific Research Society, Sigma Xi



Interests:                       Martial Arts, Skiing, Hiking, Biking

Married with 2 children