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BS Regional Engineering College 1978
MS Indian Institute of Technology 1980
MS Stevens Institute of Technology 1986
PhD Stevens Institute of Technology 1987

Scholarly Work

M. Pasquali, J. Liang and S. Shivkumar, “ Role of AAO Template Filling Techniques in Controlling the Structure of Polymer Nanoparticles”, Nanotechnology 22 (2011) pp375605 2.
G. Eda and S. Shivkumar, “Bead-to-Fiber Transition in Electrospun Polystyrene”Journal of Applied Polymer Science 106 (2007) 475-487 3.
M. Johnson and S. Shivkumar, "Structure and Mechanical Properties of Filamentous green Algae" Materials Science and Engineering B 38 (1996) 103-108 5.
X. Dai and S. Shivkumar, “Hybrid Analogs for the production of porous calcium phosphate scaffolds” Materials Science and Engineering C 28 (2008) 336-340
Professional Highlights & Honors
Scientific Merit Award
American FoundrymenÕs Society
Numerous awards for projects