Makaroff bio pic
AK 306
+1 (508) 8315000 x5017
MS Applied Mathematics St. Petersburg State University 1982
PhD Applied Mathematics St. Petersburg State University 1985
Dr.Sci. Applied Mathematics St. Petersburg State University 1996

My professional work centers on computational human phantoms, applied electromagnetics, and the numerical optimization and prototyping of selected on-body antenna types. RF studies can lead a student to challenging research and careers in a number of fields, including wireless communications, health care, power electronics, financial services, environmental management, engineering design and production, antenna design, radar engineering, and signals processing. RF is also moving into the biomedical field where there are many opportunities for wireless RF applications. The classes I teach are very lab intensive and require a great deal of theoretical and hands on work, but once completed the courses will give students the platform they will need to be successful in electrical and computer engineering. I enjoy it immensely when a student is able to challenge me with a question. Then we work on the solution together to find the answer. This is when a connection can be made and the student can gain a new understanding.