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Snehalata Kadam

Assistant Teaching Professor
BS Shivaji University, Maharashtra, India
PhD Ph.D University of Tuebingen, Germany
Postdoc California Institute of Technology

My goal as teacher is to bridge diverse disciplines such as Physical and Biological Sciences. Learning and teaching bears no geographical obstacle and my academic career has taken me across three different continents, from Asia through Europe to United States of America. This experience has taught me the virtues of adaptability, which I encourage my students to learn.

I embrace the reward of being a teacher as I get to oversee how learning happens. It gives me immense pleasure that I bring a positive change in student’s lives. My primary responsibility is not only to create an atmosphere wherein the students can develop their knowledge but also help them create innovative learning strategies. Modern day classrooms are a dynamic learning space where students can interact with their teacher and peers to understand concepts and gain knowledge. This student-centered interactive approach makes students appreciate the concepts being taught thereby making classrooms exciting. I am a strong believer that teaching helps students to facilitate self-discovery, self-appreciation and helps them to expand the horizons.

As a trained biologist, I am keen on relating physical principles to these complex systems. Navigating the current multi-disciplinary world, I strive to achieve a seamless environment for learning scientific concepts. I will be developing the Astrobiology/Biospheres Course as a part of BS major course of Astrophysics.

It gives me tremendous satisfaction that I get to transfer my understanding and appreciation of the academic curriculum across these continents to the students here at WPI.