Office Hours Location: Unity Hall tech suite 348 (Office Location: Armenian Church, 015, 34 Boynton St)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ph.D
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, MSc
Univeristy of Peradeniya, Bsc

Class teaching is not only important for the transmission of knowledge from one generation to another but also an integral and necessary part of academic research. I teach many undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses including calculus, algebra, finite mathematics, data science, introduction to statistics, and applied statistics.

My research in statistics is in the field of time series analysis which involves dimension reduction in the uni-variate and multivariate time series datasets. In particular, I am interested to develop algorithms based on sufficient dimension reduction techniques, envelope methods, deep learning, and machine learning methods. Moreover, applied such algorithms in analyzing real-world datasets.

Scholarly Work

Fourier Method on Sufficient Dimension Reduction in Time Series 2022

Stacking-Based Deep Neural Network for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis (2020)