Office Hours Location: Unity Hall tech suite 349 (Office Location: Armenian Church, 015, 34 Boynton St)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ph.D. and MSc
University of Peradeniya, BSc

Teaching in the classroom serves a dual purpose: it not only facilitates the passing down of knowledge across generations but also plays a vital role in academic research. My role involves instructing various undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses, covering topics such as calculus, algebra, finite mathematics, data science, introduction to statistics, and applied statistics.

In my statistical research, I am focusing on dimension reduction in both multivariate time series datasets and spatial-temporal datasets. Specifically, I aim to advance algorithms utilizing techniques like sufficient dimension reduction, envelope, reduce rank, deep learning, and machine learning methods. Furthermore, I apply these algorithms to analyze real-world datasets, contributing to practical applications in the field.

Scholarly Work

De Alwis, T. P., Samadi, S. Y. (2024). Stacking-based neural network for nonlinear time series analysis. Statistical Methods & Applications.

De Alwis T. P. and Samadi S. Y. (2024). sdrt: Estimating the Sufficient Dimension Reduction Subspaces in Time Series.

Samadi S. Y., and De Alwis T. P., (2023). Fourier Method on Sufficient Dimension Reduction in Time Series.

De Alwis T. P., Samadi S. Y., and Weng J., (2022). itdr: Integral Transformation Methods for SDR in Regression.

De Alwis T. P. , Samadi S. Y., and Weng J., (2021). itdr: An R package of Integral Transformation Methods to Estimate the SDR Subspaces in Regression.