100 Institute RD
PhD Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2017
MS Sabanci University 2012
BS Sabanci University 2009

I became a Teaching Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (In 2018) after serving as a Research Scientist at New Jersey Institute of Technology. My specialization lies in crafting secure systems through hardware, software, and cryptographic protocols. I am dedicated to pioneering novel cryptographic algorithms and applications, harnessing the potential of lattice-based cryptographic primitives. My expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing crucial domains such as Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Post-Quantum Cryptography. Beyond theory, I design innovative Hardware/Software Accelerators for cryptographic algorithms, driving their efficiency and performance. Lately, my focus has shifted towards dissecting hardware systems through Side-Channel Attacks, employing fault attacks to unravel vulnerabilities and bolster security.