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Megan DeSanty ’24

BS Robotics Engineering, minor in Computer Science

Why did you choose to study at WPI?  

“I chose WPI for its project-based learning approach. In high school, I was a student who enjoyed learning through projects, labs, etc, so I knew WPI would be perfect for my learning style. When my sister attended WPI (class of 2016), I was always interested in the projects she was doing. When she was at WPI, I was only in middle school, but I knew even at that young of an age that I wanted to attend WPI.” 

How are you involved with the WPI community?  

“The Food Recovery Network is just one piece of my passion for combating food insecurity both on campus and in the central Massachusetts area. I first found out about this group my freshman year and, since then, I have been a part of a great group of people that brings leftover food from Morgan Dining Hall to the Friendly House in Worcester every Tuesday and Thursday. 

“Just recently, I joined the Cycling Club after retiring from varsity athletics after 12 years of being a distance runner. I have met a great group of people that I can go out on bike rides with (road cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking) at any time. It's really nice to have other people to join me on 40-70 mile bike rides through Western Massachusetts on the weekends! 

“In January of 2022, I was elected by WPI as our Newman Civic Fellow with Campus Compact. For students to become a Newman Civic Fellow, they are nominated by their college president due to their potential for public leadership and their work with communities. During this fellowship, I focus on combating food insecurity both on and off campus. Recently, I attended the opening of our student food pantry at Thrive. I am looking forward to working with my advisor, Laura Roberts, and the WPI Dean of Students office to figure out the best way for students to get the help they need. 

“After retiring from varsity athletics, I still wanted to be a part of that community. As a member of the Athletics Creative Content group, I take game day photos and videos for our athletic teams and assist in creating content for our social media account. It has been extremely helpful for me to stay a part of the athletics community even as I transition out of being a varsity athlete myself.” 

What’s your favorite thing about WPI?  

“I love the community at WPI. My high school was extremely competitive when it came to academics, but here at WPI, we all have the same goal and help each other get there. It's nice to be able to work with people and not against them.” 

Do you have a faculty or staff mentor?  

“My advisor for my fellowship, Laura Roberts, has been extremely supportive in helping me achieve my goals both academically and within the community. She is always responsive and willing to give advice to help me bring my ideas to life.” 

How has WPI’s project-based learning influenced your education?  

“Project-based learning has been extremely helpful in allowing me to understand the material better. Instead of sitting in a lecture hall for hours then taking a test, we put our knowledge to work in labs and group projects. With this approach, I have a better grasp of the material we were taught in class. I can see how everything I am learning is applied to the real world and it allows me to be creative and think about projects I can do outside of classes.” 

Megan's headshot

Holden, MA

Faculty Mentor
  • Newman Civic Fellow for 2022 
  • Volunteering at my local food pantry (Wachusett Food Pantry) 
  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Cooking 
  • Hiking 
  • Hammocking 
  • Rock Climbing 

Campus Activities 

  • Food Recovery Network (vice president) 
  • Cycling Club 
  • Athletics Creative Content group 
We all have the same goal and help each other get there. It's nice to be able to work with people and not against them.
8 AM

Wake up 

9 AM

First class 

10 AM - 12 PM


2 PM

Finish up classes 

4 PM

Workout (run, bike, swim, walk, or rock climb- whatever I'm feeling for the day) 

   7 PM-12 AM

Schoolwork/ any media content I need to get done for the athletics department 

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