Student Voices

Whitney D.

At WPI, Whitney pursues a broad array of outside interests while gaining the perfect preparation for medical school.

Nicholas C.

An avid athlete finds time to pursue two majors and a minor while helping boost WPI’s new water polo team to victory.

Caitlin W.

PhD materials science and engineering student hopes to inspire others by showing the value of hard work in the classroom and on the field.

Jason L.

A full-time Systems Engineer in the business unit of a global aerospace and defense company expands his talents and becomes even more effective in his role.

Name Title
Aaron M. Senior, BS in Chemical Engineering
Alexander S. Senior, Actuarial Mathematics and Computer Science
Alexandra B. Senior, BS in Biomedical Engineering
Allison P. Junior, BS in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Biomechanics
Ama B. Sophomore, B.S. in Management
Caitlin W. PhD student, BS in Materials Science & Engineering; MS in Materials Science & Engineering; PhD in Materials Science and Engineering
Christina A. Senior, BS in Computer Science
Dalia S. PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Dave I. Online, MS in Systems Engineering
Dave M. Master of Business Administration
David D. PhD in Biology and Biotechnology
Emily D. Senior, BS in Industrial Engineering
Emily M. Junior, BS in Mechanical Engineering
Emma P. Master of Business Administration
Eric A. MS candidate, Interactive Media and Game Development
Giselle V. Junior, BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Minor in Environmental Sustainability and Studies
Guillermo R. Senior, BS in Robotics Engineering
Gyneth C. Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering
Jack M. Junior, BS Chemical Engineering, MS Fire Protection Engineering
Jason L. Online, MS in Systems Engineering
Jennifer D. Sophomore, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Joshua G. PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Julie V. Junior, BS in Computer Science
Kayla S. Sophomore, BS in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biochemistry
Keith G. Senior, BS in Biomedical Engineering and BS in Mechanical Engineering
Kelly R. Master of Business Administration
Kimberly C. Senior, BS in Biochemistry & Professional Writing
Korinn O. PhD in Learning Sciences & Technologies
Lailah T. Senior, BS in Industrial Engineering, MS in Management, Minor in English
Lizzy F. Senior, BS in Management Engineering
Marc D. Master of Business Administration
Marissa L. Sophomore, BS in Chemical Engineering
Matt R. Master of Business Administration
Megan M. Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering; Minor in Architectural Engineering
Melissa M. PhD in Biotechnology
Mike G. Junior, BS in Aerospace Engineering with concentration in Astronautical Engineering, Minors in Music and Theatre
Morgan M. Junior, BS in Management Engineering with Mechanical Engineering Concentration, MS in Management
Naomi O. Sophomore, BS in Biochemistry (Pre-med)
Nicholas B. Senior, BS in Computer Science
Nicholas C. Senior, BS in Civil Engineering; BS in Society, Technology and Policy; Minor in History
Paige M. Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering
Peter T. MBA, The Innovator’s MBA
Rashid C. Senior, B.S. Biochemistry
Rebecca D. Junior, BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rebecca M. Online Student, MS in Robotics Engineering (RBE)
Rita B. Sophomore, BS in Civil Engineering
Rodica N. PhD in Computer Science
Samson T. Online Student, MS in Fire Protection Engineering
Sean H. Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering; MS in Manufacturing Engineering
Sunny Sang N. Senior, BS in Biology & Biotechnology; Minor in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Toni D. PhD in Biology
Virginia N. Junior, BS in Biochemistry; BS in Bioinformatics
Whitney D. Junior, BS in Biochemistry (Pre-med), minor in Spanish