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Student Voices

Every WPI student has an individual story about who they are and what this university means to them. Brought together in an environment that encourages collaboration and supports a vibrant campus life, WPI students have much to offer each other, both in and out of the classroom.

Featured Profiles

Tess Meier headshot

Tess Meier
PhD in Robotics Engineering
Bloomingburg, NY

Tionge Nakazwe headshot

Tionge Nakazwe '25
BS in Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Worcester, MA

Robbie Oleynick headshot

Robbie Oleynick '24
BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Yardley, PA

Name Title
Abdah St. Fleur Dual MS, Production Management (IMGD) and MSIUX
Adriyel Nieves PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alex Rebello MS, Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering/Biomaterials Track
Alexander Castaneda PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Alissa Ostapenko ’20 BS, Computer Science & Mathematical Sciences
Ari Trey-Masters '20 BS, Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
Blaise Schroeder ‘23 BS, Robotics Engineering
Brandon Rein ‘23 BS, Biochemistry (Pre-Medicine)
Catherine Reynolds '23 BS, Biochemistry
Celina Perino '22 (MS) MS, Management
Chloe Adler-Mandile '20 BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cindy Merrill MS, Physics for Educators
Dalia Shendi PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Darren Cole PhD, Computational Media
David Entwistle MS, Physics for Educators
Dayna Mercadante PhD, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Edward Flanagan ‘24 BS, Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Hagan '21 BS, Industrial Engineering
Erin Bryan ’23 MS, Community Climate Adaptation
Evans Owusu '24 BS, Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development
Floris Van Rossum '20 BS in Robotic Engineering and Computer Science
Hannah Goodsell '22 BS, Interactive Media & Game Development
Hannah Schulz '21 BS, Civil Engineering and Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Herbie Wolff '22 BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering (transfer)
Ibraheim Ibraheim ‘25 BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ishani Bedre '23 BS, Biochemistry
Jeremy Trilling '22 BS, Robotics Engineering
Jiayi Jiang '20 BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jordan Jones PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Jorgo Gushi '22 BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joshua Driscoll '20 BS, Biology & Biotechnology
Julia Bigwood '21 BS, Aerospace Engineering
Justin Amevor '20 (BS), '22 (MS) MS, Computer Science
Karen Royer MS, Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD)
Kellie Bushe '24 BS, Biomedical Engineering (Pre-Medicine)
Kushal Gandhi '22 BS, Robotics Engineering & Computer Science
Kyle Corry '20 BS, Computer Science
Kyle Dituro '21 BS, Mathematical Sciences
Luka Christianson ‘24 BS, Mechanical Engineering
Mark Xatse PhD, Biochemistry
Maya Ellis ’23 BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Megan Varney '21 (BS, MS) BS/MS, Physics
Michael Osei '21 BS, Computer Science
Mikel Matticoli '21 BS, Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD)
Mitch Gaines '20 BS, Robotics Engineering
Mona Elokda '20 BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Reisya Ichwani MS, Materials Science and Engineering
Renee Gruner-Mitchell '22 BS, Mechanical Engineering
Robbie Oleynick '24 BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sabine Hahn PhD, Biology & Biotechnology
Sakshi Joglekar ‘24 BS, Biology & Biotechnology; Psychology
Salvatore Lombardo '21 BS, Biology & Biotechnology
Sebastian Rodriguez '20 BS, Business
Susmitha Wunnava '20 (PhD) PhD, Data Science
Tess Meier PhD, Robotics Engineering
Tessa Lytle '23 BS/MS Mechanical Engineering
Theresa Larson '22 BS, Aerospace Engineering
Tionge Nakazwe '25 BS, Environmental and Sustainability Studies; minor in Creative Writing
Zoe Januszewski '22 BS, Industrial Engineering