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Bar Harbor sponsor values creativity, energy, and expertise of WPI students

Staff members at Acadia National Park, the sponsor of the students’ projects, are on a mission to preserve the park’s natural environment by reducing its levels of congestion, noise, and unnatural light. Collaborating with WPI students energizes the park’s staff and gets them thinking outside the box—creating solutions that will benefit them in ways they hadn’t considered.

WPI students seek to reduce man-made noise levels that disturb park visitors, wildlife

Mitigating Sound Pollution in Acadia National Park

WPI students aim to control growing numbers of park visitors using reservation system

Reducing Tourist Congestion in Acadia National Park

WPI students seek to bring intelligent transportation system to popular tourist attraction

Reducing Traffic in Acadia National Park

Project Sponsor: Acadia National Park

WPI students aim to keep the night sky dark by curbing growing light pollution in Bar Harbor

Preserving the Night Sky in Acadia National Park