Student Perspective

Each student has an individual experience…

But they all have one thing in common—their experience in Bar Harbor has forever altered their perspectives of themselves and the world they live in. Whether sharing details of their immersive experience, or a key takeaway, all have been impacted in some way.

Angela Calvi
Angela Calvi
Chemical Engineering
About Angela
Hannah Jauris
Hannah Jauris
Interactive Media and Game Development
About Hannah
Elizabeth Quevillon
Elizabeth Quevillon
Biomedical Engineering
About Elizabeth
Daniel Wivagg
Daniel Wivagg
Robotics Engineering
About Daniel
Jessica D’Agostino
Jessica D’Agostino
Chemical Engineering
About Jessica
Matthew L.
Matthew Lund
Matthew Lund
Mechanical Engineering
About Matthew
Jesse Gaulin
Being a scientist while everyone else was an engineer is really interesting because you experience the different ways everyone thinks.
  • Jesse Gaulin
  • Computer Science
Mingqi Shuai
In Bar Harbor, it was amazing to just sit by the ocean, being part of nature and just enjoying the beauty of life itself.
  • Mingqi Shuai
  • Mechanical Engineering
Michael Morisseau
The best part of the IQP experience for me has been learning how other people go about solving problems and that you need to consider solutions from a lot of different angles.
  • Michael Morisseau
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
Karl Rosenfeld
My biggest personal takeaway was learning something new about the negative effects of light pollution.
  • Karl Rosenfeld
  • Interactive Media and Game Development
Eric Cosmopulos
The collaborative approach to the IQP really helps with getting to know peoples’ strengths and weaknesses to work most effectively in a team.
  • Eric Cosmopulos
  • Management Engineering
Zane Weissman
I was surprised by how much the human element came into play with my IQP. A lot of the research that we ended up doing was about the way that people would react to our proposed solution.
  • Zane Weissman
  • Electrical and Computer Science
Daniel Farnitano
It was interesting to learn the importance of designing things that people will actually want to use rather than something that simply meets the technical needs of the problem.
  • Daniel Farnitano
  • Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Lapierre
Having gone to the Bar Harbor Project Center, it’s definitely reconfirmed my desire to live in an environment such as Bar Harbor in the future.
  • Nicholas Lapierre
  • Architectural Engineering

Students from the sound analysis project conduct fieldwork at Thunder Hole, a natural rock inlet where waves crash with a boom

Moose sculpture on the campus of the College of the Atlantic where the WPI students lived

Students from the tourist congestion project survey tourists on the top of Cadillac Mountain regarding a reservation system

The schoodic ferry that travels between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor

Students from the dark sky project investigate the sky glow on top of Cadillac mountain during an evening of fieldwork

A view of a scenic lighthouse from the schoodic ferry during a trip to the Schoodic Institute where students did fieldwork

Students from the intelligent transportation system project meet with their local sponsor to discuss the progress of the project

Students from the tourist congestion project explore the beauty of the trails from Cadillac Mountain

Students enjoy a dip in the frigid ocean water off the pier on the campus of the College of the Atlantic where they lived

The tourist congestion project team meets with their sponsor John Kelly on the steps of their residence