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Each student’s journey is unique and personal…

But all of the students left the experience with a new perspective on how they could—and will—impact their communities. Each with an individualized lens, they share a glimpse into just what life was like as they worked in the city, and where they hope to go from here.

Ching Wing Cheng
From my project experience, I’ve learned to communicate better, work in a team and respect the differences each team member brings to the table.
Ching Wing Cheng
Computer Science
Matthew Cannata
The most valuable thing with the IQP is the team aspect—the teamwork experience at WPI is unique because it’s so immersive.
Matthew Cannata
Biomedical Engineering
tyler morris
Because of my project, I got the chance to explore the Boston harbor and other sites in South Boston and go to some new restaurants and cool sight-seeing places.
Tyler Morris
Electrical and Computer Engineering
christian anderson
My project allowed me to identify the kinds of social impacts that these engineering problems have on real world issues.
Christian Anderson
Aerospace Engineering
Benjamin Duquettte
One of the most valuable things I took from this project experience was being able to take risks in an environment that allowed me to do so.
Benjamin Duquette
Mechanical Engineering
Michael Kirejczyk
Projects like this get you out in the real world. You get to see how people in real work environments work together.
Michael Kirejczyk
Biomedical Engineering

Student Perspective Photo 2 - resized.jpg

Student Perspective
Student team touring a waste remediation plant as part of field work

Student Perspective Photo 4 - resized.jpg

Student Perspective
Sponsor team meeting at the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology

Student Perspective Photo 5 - resized.jpg

Student Perspective
Group exercise during preparatory coursework

Student Perspective Photo 6 - resized.jpg

Student Perspective
Student team on a water taxi conducting field work in Boston Harbor

Student Perspective Photo 8 - resized.jpg

Student Perspective
Student team on a water filtration facility tour as part of field work


Architectural tour of Boston
Architectural tour of Boston from the water


Architectural boat tour along Boston Harbor
Architectural boat tour along Boston Harbor and the Charles River (Charles Riverboat Company)


student teams on a guided tour of the city
All student teams on a guided tour of the city