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David Cyganski


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories 217

Prior to becoming the Dean of Engineering, ad interim, and subsequent to my work at Bell Laboratories I was a Professor in the ECE department at WPI. I have also held the positions of Vice President of Information Systems and Vice Provost within the WPI administration. In my early career my teaching and research primarily centered upon signal processing and its applications. I have been the recipient of 65+ research grants, funded by DARPA, ARO, NSF, DOJ, FEMA/DHS and the electronics, aerospace and medical industry. ... View Profile

Kathy Ann Notarianni

Associate Professor

Fire Protection Engineering

Office: Gateway Park II 1205

Phone: 508-831-6786

Today, firefighters serve increasingly as first responders for emergency medical calls, civil emergencies, terrorist threats, and hazardous materials incidents, in addition to fire emergencies. The fire service needs tools and technologies that aid in carrying out their ever expanding mission without increasing costs. My research is focused on working with the fire service to achieve this important goal. I am conducting research on fire department mobilization times and exposure of fire fighters to toxic gases. ... View Profile

R. James Duckworth

Associate Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 301

Phone: 508-831-5204, 508-831-5231

My electrical and computer engineering interests include multiprocessing, parallel computation, logic synthesis, embedded system design, autonomous robots, and computer architecture. Recently my research work has centered on the Precision Personnel Locator (PPL) for First Responders. This project started as a result of the tragic incident in Worcester in 1999 when six firefighters lost their lives in a warehouse fire. ... View Profile

Raymond Ranellone

Laboratory Director

Fire Protection Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5628